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Not Boring food takes confirmed

Happy happy Wednesday! While we love talking to each other about food, we wanted to hear from some of our favourite people (offline and online) on what they’re eating. Welcome to the debut edition of Coffee Chats by Le Digestif!

If you’re on the bird app (aka Twitter), you have probably heard of the Not Boring newsletter, a weekly digest offering deep dives on the hottest companies in startup land. The writer behind this operation is Packy McCormick.

Based in the New York Metro area, Packy took his love for writing and experience working in tech and packaged it into some of the best long form pieces tech has been graced with. We chatted with Packy about his Miami dining experiences, love for buttered popcorn, and his go-to flight drink!

Without further ado, let’s dig in!

Best food item you’ve purchased for $5?

Halal Guys cart chicken and rice (Editor’s note: Halal Guys is a NYC institution that sparks joy and warms bellies. A little bit of the red sauce goes a long way)

What is your go-to midnight snack ?

Kirkland Signature Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Himalayan Salt Potato Chips. They’ve become my pandemic guilty pleasure.

Favourite childhood meal?

Macaroni & Cheesecake at Dave & Busters. My mom always tried to make it and she just couldn’t capture the magic. 

What’s one thing you hated eating as a kid that you now love as an adult?

Olives. I didn’t even want to try them as a kid and I love them now. 

Favourite restaurant in the last year?

Gotta say something in Miami right? Bakan in Wynwood. I ordered something that didn’t have a price accidentally and it was more than I’d ever spent but it was so good. 

Favourite food book?

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

Go-to coffee order?

Cometeer pods or WaWa coffee, black. 

Favourite fast food restaurant?

Taco Bell. No contest. My wife Puja and I have been together for over a decade, and I think we’ve gone there for Valentine’s Day every year but one. I order like a child there: 5 soft shell tacos, just meat and cheese.

What is your go-to pizza order?

There are two types of pizza: Domino’s and real pizza. I love both and treat them as separate. I go pepperoni on both. 

Five guests at your dream dinner party?

Puja’s co-hosting so she doesn’t count right? Obama, Haruki Murakami, this one is hard… 

What’s the one food that everyone seems to like but you hate?

I’m not a big seafood guy. I’ll eat it, but I don’t love it.

Show us the most recent food picture on your phone (#cameraeatsfirst)

“Bucket list” restaurant you would wanna visit?

Alinea, I’ve wanted to go there since watching that Chef’s Table.

What’s the one food you’ve always wanted to try?

I want to get into very expensive Japanese steak at some point if this newsletter thing works out. (Editor’s Note: By this newsletter thing, he means Not Boring! 10/10 would subscribe)

Favourite beverage (non-alcoholic & alcoholic)

Non-alcoholic: Cherry Coke Zero

Alcoholic: no one favorite, but I can’t fly without drinking a cranberry vodka for some reason. 

Go-to bagel store order?

Salt bagel, sometimes cream cheese, sometimes BEC (Editor’s note: For non-NYC residents, BEC stands for baconeggandcheese)

What are the three snacks you’re sneaking into the movie theatre?

Nothing. I’m buying a big popcorn and using the butter machine until it runs out. 

Best food memory? 

For high school graduation, my parents and a friend’s parents took us to Barclay Prime in Philly for the $100 Cheesesteak. Very Philly. It had truffles, lobster, and it even came with a split of champagne which I thought was so cool because I was 18. I’ve had better cheesesteaks for like $5 but that memory sticks out.

Thank you to Packy for this great coffee chat! I know I’m taking a trip to Barclay Prime next time I’m in the city of Brotherly Love!

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