Le Digestif #10: October 22, 2021

Back in Business, Baby!

Things change but the love of food will always stay the same. Yes this is my corny way of welcoming back our newsletter after a much needed hiatus.

A lot of changes have happened here at Food Supply. We said goodbye to some team members but gained a new perspective on how we can impact people's relationship with food through community and content.

As we build out this new chapter of Food Supply, Le Digestif is one of the mainstays that was important to keep. It was a fun way to keep you informed on the new exciting things we are working on but also share the gastronome forward content that we have been indulging in. As the youths say, watch this space!

Every Friday, we will be presenting interviews, listicles, recommendations, and long form content from members of our growing community and things in the food world that you should know about.

Welcome to edition 10 of Le Digestif, the blog for Food Supply! WE BACK BABY!

Excited to have 51 new members join our growing dinner table of 552 guests. SO excited to have you!

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As work gets busier, I fall into the common trap of forgetting to eat lunch. To curb this habit, I've started buying exciting groceries that will inspire me to feed myself. As luck would have it, my farmer's market plug handed me the last of the heirloom tomatoes that summer had to offer. Blessed with this bounty, I whipped up this easy dish that made me feel like Massimo Bottura! Allora!

All you need is 4 slices of a heirloom tomato, 4 anchovy fillets (I prefer spicy ones), salt & pepper. Low risk, immensely high reward! Perfect for 1 or a light snack for 2!

Indulging in this lunch will have you transporting yourself to some Italian piazza on a summer day despite sitting al desko.

TO READ: Bourdain: The Definitive Oral Biography by Laurie Woolever

Anytime I'm asked the infamous "dream dinner guests- alive or dead?" Anthony Bourdain is almost always the first name I utter. I spent years breaking TV time rules to watch Parts Unknown, passed the time in vehicles with A Cooks Tour and Kitchen Confidential in tow, and planned a solo trip around World Travel. To not hear him wax poetic on some place he'd discovered or introduce us to an interesting gastronome with a fascinating perspective on food has left a big void in my heart.

Since his tragic death in 2018, I couldn't help but wonder how those closest to him felt about losing their friend, father, husband, and frequent collaborator in such a sudden manner.

Laurie Woolever, Bourdain's writing partner and assistant, released this oral biography with vignettes of his nearest and dearest telling the story of his illustrious life through the experiences that they shared with him. It is the most beautiful memoir I've ever read serving as this multi-part eulogy for a man who used his love of food and writing to inspire, educate, and encourage people on the world around them. In a way, this book offered me closure as a fan grieving a mentor who fueled my love for food and storytelling.

Even if you didn't know Bourdain, I think this book is a somber reminder that we are truly loved and we do leave an impact on others in the little interactions. I might also add it’s an amazing companion for a solo dinner!

Snag a copy here for a cozy fall read!

TO DINE: Crosley's, Toronto

Well we got our jabs, restrictions were lifted, and Resy became the most opened app on my phone. (Still thinking about you, NYT Cooking app). As fall enters the chat, I'm excited to keep exploring my city through taste swapping patio dinners for cozy meals in that restaurant mood lighting.

Crosley's is my new favourite spot where I aspired to become a regular. Started by chef and sommelier duo who met at former Toronto establishment Brothers, Joachim Hayward and Myles Harrison are penning their love letter to sustainable Canadian produce through memorable season-forward dishes.

A post shared by Crosley’s (@crosleystoronto)

To start, I indulged in the perfect duo of the seeded sourdough and onion butter. To make things more interesting, I added the foie gras terrine dish that comes with berries macerated in this sweet balsamic vinaigrette. Might need to sign up for the melon fan club after digging into the salata with compressed cucumber and topped with mint and shaved ricotta.

Yes while these dishes were greatest hits, the real star of the show was the seared albacore tuna topped with capers, crunchy croutons, and spicy pickled peppers. Resting on this tonnato sauce, I found myself in heaven. Yes it was that pleasing to the homegirls!

A post shared by Crosley’s (@crosleystoronto)

More importantly, I learned about tonnato sauce which will become a new personality trait. A creamy, mature cousin to mayonnaise, this Italian sauce is made with tuna, anchovies, lemon juice, and olive oil! It will give life to your favourite protein or roasted veggies!

The staff here are incredibly friendly offering incredible wine pairing suggestions and company if you're flying solo. This place is perfect for a nice weeknight dinner, a special occasion, or a spot to corral a crew on a night where you are too lazy to have peeps over.

Like Cheers, you'll always be glad you came!

Crosley's ($$): 214 OSSINGTON AVE, TORONTO, ONTARIO, M6J 2Z9

Reservations | Website| Instagram

TO BAKE: Chewy Crispy Spice Cookies by Claire Saffitz

After a baking hibernation caused by travel and the fear of turning my oven in blistering summer heat, I’m ready to get back into my favourite personality trait. The last few weeks I've tried and terribly missed (in the eyes of a perfectionist) at some ambitious bakes.

Rather than be sad about it and complain to my therapist, I decided to be like Stella and get my groove back. Craving some sophisticated flavour with a simple process, I went for the classic spice cookies by dessert queen herself Claire Saffitz.

These cookies deserve a spot in the culinary hall of fame. The blend of savoury spices like allspice & cloves, the boldness of rich molasses, and the crunch of coated demerara sugar yield a cookie that is crispy on the outside and oh so ooey gooey and chewy on the inside . Also there is no way in San Jose, you can mess these up! Just pair wet ingredients and dry ingredients in holy matrimony and BOOM, eternal happiness.

Speaking of investments, freezing these and popping them into the oven through the course of the week will have your belly happy, your kitchen smelling like Christian Girl Autumn, and your life one step closer to a Nancy Meyers movie.

If you're feeling moved by the fall spirit, give the recipe a go here! Snag the cookbook here if you want more fall forward recipes!

Thanks for reading along! If you have any food recs that would spark joy or tickle our fancy, send them over to ledigestif@foodsupply.xyz. We always respond! If you wanna spread the good word, share below!



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