Le Digestif #12: November 5th 2021

Spanish Sauce, Fudgy Blondies, New Culinary Heroes

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SPARKS JOY: Soft Serve, Hard Ball!

As someone who goes to baseball games merely for hotdogs and Cracker Jack, it was reassuring to know that treats can also be a great motivator for the teams in the dugout. What started as a means to pass the time during regular season rain delay became a core motivator for the Atlanta Braves on their journey to the World Series championships.

In a New York Times piece, members of the team talked about the process of convincing the general manager to bring an ice cream machine into the clubhouse, how it sprung memories of trips to Dairy Queen in their youth, and of course the root beer floats and sundae bar that soon followed after the machine was installed. Look I know zilch about baseball but isn’t it kind of magical that with a little soft serve, the Braves went from a season low to taking the big cup. Looking forward to the HBS case study on ice cream being a key factor in turning good teams into great ones!

Congrats to the Braves on their sweet victory, go sportsball!

TO SAUCE: Romesco Sauce

Do you ever dream about your next meal? No? Oh so you're normal- cool cool cool. This summer, I was introduced me to the wonders of romesco sauce and let's just say I'm hooked. Originating from the Catalonia region of Spain, the sauce was created by Spanish fishermen to add a little flavour to their daily catch.

It consists of a base of roasted tomatoes and peppers, whole almonds, olive oil, and paprika. Some variations also include fresh herbs, stale bread, pimento peppers, or sundried tomatoes. You really can have it your own way! Here is the recipe that I loosely referenced for my take.

This sauce is incredible with salmon, roasted veggies, steak, eggs, or a dip for flatbreads or raw veggies. I made a big batch this week so I'm going to test the limit of romesco pairings in my life! Stay tuned via the socials!

If you do end up making it, shoot me a note so we can trade tasting notes!

TO READ: Tastemakers: Seven Immigrants Who Revolutionized Food in America by Mayukh Sen

Nothing sparks more joy for a bibliophile than when the books you dream about come to life. I’ve been a huge fan of Mayukh Sen’s film and food reviews (check out a solid curation here) so you know ya girl has been fired up since he announced his debut book! As the title alludes, each chapter offers a mini memoir on seven female immigrants who transformed, innovated, and inspired American cooking.

While their efforts are canon in our kitchens and restaurants, these women were typically overlooked by the culinary institutions that offered the praise that could turn them into household names like their male counterparts. I’ve always presumed Julia Child to be the authority on French cooking for Americans yet Sen puts us onto gastronome française Madeline Kannman and her work in showing Yanks how the French really held it down in the kitchen. Read more about her in this excerpt recently published in the New Yorker!

I’m really excited for this book to acquaint me with new culinary heroes as well gain a deeper understanding of American food history. As we yearn for more equity and representation in the food world, I know this book will be a breath of fresh air.

Tastemakers is out November 16th wherever books are sold! If you’re as hyped as I am, pre-order your copy here!

If you want to get in on the process of making this book, give a listen to this interview Mayukh did for Radio Cherry Bombe here.

TO COOK: Za'atar Cacio e Pepe

Somewhere there is an Italian person reading this title with a scornful look on their face but allora per favore here me out! This month, my cooking club gathered for our quarterly hang and the unofficial theme was "simple execution, sophisticated flavour." One of our members picked out this cacio e pepe adaptation from Ottolenghi tome Flavour. If you’ve ever felt fear in making the Italian classic, it’s safe to say this recipe is a good way to get acquainted with the technique.

A holy trifecta of butter, za’atar (Middle Eastern spice blend) and parmesan come together for a creamy and flavourful base bonded by culinary MVP: pasta water. Any pasta will do but in this house, we ride for bucatini! Peep the recipe here!

For more flavourful recipes to make the most of dining a casa, snag a copy Flavour by Yotam Ottolenghi here!

TO BAKE: Fudgy Oat Blondies by O Street Kitchen

It's officially cold in Canada so please welcome to the stage my winter parka! In search of the culinary equivalent of a warm fire, I discovered these incredible fudgy oat blondies by friend of the newsletter Becca Jacobs. Miss O Street Kitchen has really raised the bar when it comes to that perfect winter treat.

Brown butter pairs with oat flour and classic baker ingredients to create this caramelly, chewy sensation. Even better, this whole recipe can be prepped in one bowl so beginner bakers and those who are lacking kitchen space, this one was really made for you!

As much as I love the base, the real star of the show is the topping! Oats combined with melted butter and that sweet sweet sugar make for this hearty texture that will spark all the joy amidst that winter dread.

For more hearty meals, of the sweet and savoury persuasion, check out Becca's website and Instagram.


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