Le Digestif #5: April 23rd

Kosher-Chinese cookbooks, Iftar Eats, and Pizza Lab Projects

When we’re not working, Kenny and I are constantly talking about food: from what we’re hoping to make, to what food books to buy, and everything in between. As we build out product and platform (ahem, more on that here), we are also excited to share content related to all things food.- Abena

Every week, we will be presenting interviews, listicles, and curated pieces from members of our growing community and things in the food world that excite us.

Welcome to edition #5 of Le Digestif. This is a special edition because we have a few friends of the letter contributing.

Excited to have 38 new members join our growing dinner table of 321 guests. SO glad to have you!

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In case you missed it, we launched a new column of Le Digestif called Coffee Chats. We will be interviewing people we know and admire on all things food. We launched our first piece with Twitter thought leader and incredible writer, Packy McCormick. Check it out here.

SPARKED A LOT OF JOY: Vintage cookbooks

I (Kenny) recently traveled back to my homeland (aka the Paris of the midwest, aka Oklahoma), where I experienced the cookbook equivalent of finding a $20 bill in a pair of pants: there were multiple books awaiting my arrival that I had totally forgotten about.

Two that I was excited about: A Rage to Nosh & The Chinese-Kosher Cookbook, both by Ruth and Bob Grossman (hat tip to @thegodofcookery for sharing). I love them for the snark at the bottom of every recipe. I love them for the Pork section that has...no recipes. I love them because the writers are pro-MSG. Looking forward to the matzoh brei foo yong (and almost mad that I never though of doing this before).


In this section, we will highlight a pop-up or local bake sale in a city near you. Tag us @foodsupplyxyz on Insta and Twitter if you end being a pop-up patron.

This week, we're heading to Philadelphia where local bakers Erica Pais (@paistries) and Noelle Blizzard (@noelle_blizzard) will be teaming up to host a bake sale fundraiser through Bakers Against Racism.

Proceeds from goodies will support Honey Suckle Projects, an organisation based in West Philadelphia with the mission to honour and celebrate Black food in America. Donate here if you're up for it :)

Place your order here and get your hands on some Brown Butter Espresso Blondies, Raspberry Cheesecake Bars, Mini Strawberry Pistachio Crisp, and so much more! Boxes will be ready on May 1st.


Spring has sprung which has farmers market enthusiasts running for the stalls to snag some ramps. This wild allium, considered to be the love child of an onion, leek, and garlic, has a distinctly pungent flavour that is pleasing to the homegirls.

They're also super hard to find. Ramps are only available for a short window in the spring, so yes, you have till early June to get your hands on New York's hottest allium (sorry this is a SNL reference #imissstephon).

If you manage to find some ramps, use them in my homemade grilled pesto recipe, or sauté them and incorporate into some salted butter.

Send us all your ramp recs so we can emotionally prepare for their 2022 debut. If you're out of luck, DM us your city and we can help you find some #rampwatch.


This is the part of the newsletter where we ask a friend of the newsletter to let us into their home and share a kitchen project they've been working on. This week we're going to hear from our pal Cole and his intricate journey to making the perfect homemade pizza. Take it away Cole:

When I agreed to write about my pizza-making journey, I told Kenny that it was going to be the longest, most meandering recipe preamble of all time. And then Abena said it could only be two paragraphs. And here we are, what, halfway through the first? Good thing they didn't put a word count on me. Anyway: it all starts on Twitter, where I met my charming, kind, and beautiful girlfriend Kara. Kara and I went on some dates and she mentioned her resolution for 2020 was called 52 Pizzas: a promise to try a different NYC pizza place each week for the entire year. The pandemic had other plans.

Fast forward about a year. Kara and I live together. It's late December, cases are through the roof, and a 'return to normal' seems very much impossible. She was flipping through Joe Beddia's Pizza Camp cookbook one day and had an idea: 52 Pizzas in 2021, all from home. We both agreed if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right, so we went all in.

We got the stone. We got the peel. We got the gram scale and upgraded to that Oxo SteeL [sic; questionable styling their fault] pizza cutter. And most importantly, we started an elaborate tracking system in Airtable.

We're up to 21 pizzas on the year — sometimes we'll do two in a week — and there's some real progress starting to show.

We graduated from Beddia's dough recipe to Roberta's, which is denser and chewier, as a result of the 00 flour. We've nailed the sauce (use the blender, add something spicy, and let it sit in the fridge overnight so the air bubbles go away) and our preferred cheese blends (she prefers nothing but fresh mozz, I like a bit of shredded low-moisture with some fresh on top). We're getting to the point where our pies are pretty regularly in the shape of a circle — "practice makes progress," as my Peloton instructor would say.

Will we successfully hit 52 pizzas by the end of the year? I think so. Will we still want pizza at that point? Yes, please do not second guess our pizza consumption capacity. Will we make you a pizza? Sure thing, just as soon as you show me that laminated CDC card (editor's note: yes get the vaccine). But no complaining allowed. This ain't a Yelp-friendly establishment.

IFTAR EATS: Rashiq Zahid, CEO of McBroken

From April 12 to May 12th, Muslims around the world will be partaking in Ramadan, a period of fasting and spiritual growth. From dawn to sunset, able-bodied Muslims abstain from eating and focus on prayers and alms-giving. Muslims break their fast each evening in a ceremony known as Iftar. We asked friend of Food Supply Rashiq Zahid to share some eats that he indulges in at this time of year.

Rashiq is a software engineer based in Hamburg, Germany. You probably know him as the force behind McBroken, the website that tracked the status of infamous McDonald's ice cream machines. Here are Rashiq's iftar eats (and be sure to follow him on twitter!)


The tech worker by day to foodie enthusiast by nights & weekends pipeline is a very real thing and we are proud card-carrying members. Another person who we think is a very strong member of this club is Srishti Jain.

SF local Srishti shares her veggie-forward dishes and desserts through immaculate photography. She also has a series over on Tastemade where she shares recipes that's she whipping up.

Personal favourites are these gorgina cinnamon rolls with some incredible vanilla bean icing. This is giving me some Tartine energy on a Sunday morning.

I'm also adding her fried egg çilbir (Turkish dish of poached eggs & yogurt) to my rotation of "simple execution, complex flavours" dishes. Check out the recipe here if you're down to join club çilbir. And be sure to tag her when you do make it!

You know the drill! Show Srishti some love over on Instagram & subscribe to her soon-to-be newsletter Srishti's Supper Club.

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