Le Digestif #7: May 7, 2021

Vaccine Cakes, Seattle Shindigs, and Wine Recs

When we’re not working, Kenny and I are constantly talking about food: from what we’re hoping to make, to what food books to buy, and everything in between. As we build out product and platform (ahem, more on that here), we are also excited to share content related to all things food.

Every week, we will be presenting interviews, listicles, and curated pieces from members of our growing community and things in the food world that excite us.

Welcome to edition #7 of Le Digestif, the blog for Food Supply!

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Eat The Internet

This week, we're featuring Mother's Day recipes, new creators we've discovered, and of course more quick bites! Head on over to the site to contribute and check out some new recipes!


As of this week, 50% of Team Food Supply is fully vaccinated and the other half has just booked their first shot! As more and more people get their jabs against COVID-19, it calls for a celebration after a tumultuous year. What better way to ring in this new vaccine drip than with cake.

In this article by People food writer Ana Calderone, she interviews Amanda Nguyen of Butter& bakery in San Francisco who went viral for selling quarantine cakes but pivoted to these vaccinated treats. Decorative options include "just vaccinated, thanks science, or HVD as in Happy Vaccination Day!" Bonus points, you're also supporting a local business.

If you're a Bay Area resident, snag a cake here. Serving size: 2, Price: $50, that feeling of getting us closer to going outside: priceless


We're still in peak ramp season and each trip to the farmers' market sparks new inspiration. Inspired my ramp compound butter adventure that will bode me through the winter (#cottagecore), I levelled up my cream cheese game with a new flavour. If you're able to snag ramps (sorry Kenny), give them a good blanch and puree and throw them into your favourite cream cheese!

If you do make it, be sure to tag @foodsupplyxyz on Instagram!

POP-UP PIAZZA: Stephanie Loo at Canal Street Market, New York City

The question on the week is what can Stephanie Loo not do?! Last week, she blessed our newsletter with a new mochi recipe, and this week she is selling her sweet treats as a vendor at Canal Street Market.

This weekend (May 7th to 9th) from 11am-6pm, snag some a la carte treats or if you're even lucky you may get your hands on her Spring Sampler box. 10% of proceeds from boxes will be donated to Restore NYC, an organisation with the mission to end sex trafficking in New York City.

Milk and Honey Cakelet, Earl Grey Cake Slice, Miso Gooey Butter Cookie, Toasted Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookie, Double Dark Chocolate Cookie, Salted Toffee Fudge Brownie, Olive Oil & Blood Orange Chiffon Cake, Butterscotch Bourbon Sea Salt Blondie.

If you're not in NYC but want to follow Stephanie and her incredible journey, show her some love on Instagram.


Seattle recently made national news when a local wealthy couple decided to consciously uncouple but that ain't the only cool thing there. This week, friend of the newsletter & Seattle resident Carolyn Rohwer will be blessing us with the best eats in the Emerald City.

Carolyn is a nurse by night and by days & weekends, she is slinging bagels from her humble abode or practising for her sommelier exam! Give her a follow on the gram, she has great meme content along with some serious food pic game!

Bill and Melinda, if y'all need a date spot for #hotvaxxedsummer, we gotchu! Take it away Carolyn!

Deep Sea Sugar & Salt, Georgetown

Hands down the best cake I've ever had and well worth waiting in the (sometimes) long line. Their cakes are stunning and make every day feel like a party. I rush to grab a slice or three whenever they have a new seasonal flavor.

Ono Poke, Westgate

Ono serves the best poke I've eaten outside of Hawaii. Especially in a year quite deprived of vacations, it is such a treat to enjoy their fresh fish, sides, and the friendliest atmosphere. Get the spicy hamachi!

The Fat Hen, Whittier Heights

The Fat Hen is a tiny cozy cafe tucked outside of the busy part of Ballard. They serve the best egg bakes and benedicts - get the dungeness crab. They also have top notch baked goods and espresso! Also, I've been so impressed at their commitment to safety and protecting their employees during the past year.

Ebb & Company, Bryant, North East Seattle

Stephanie opened Ebb & Co right before the pandemic and has done an incredible job at shifting her business to fit with the times. You can sit to stay and enjoy natural wines by the glass and small plates. or take home bottles and an incredible variety of provisions including tinned fish, fresh pasta, and whole-wheat sourdough baked fresh daily that I want to start eating on the drive home.

Editors note: We are well aware that there is a global pandemic still occurring so please practice good citizenship and comply with local laws as they regard to vaccinations, social distancing & outdoor dining. Let’s make Dr. Fauci proud!

TO READ: World Travel by Anthony Bourdain

"Wait, Anthony Bourdain came out with another book?" Yes, reader, consider this a posthumous book by the great culinary adventurer. Bourdain started working on this guide to traveling the world right before his untimely death in 2018. His longtime assistant Laurie Woolever decided to honour his life by finishing the book. Woolever managed to take a one hour brainstorm and years of collaborating with Bourdain to bring this book to life, according to this Eater article.

As the idea of travel can become more of a reality, this is the perfect nostalgic read and practical guide. Spanning 43 countries, each chapter is a curation of Bourdain quotes from his repertoire of work (articles, shows, and musings), coupled with restaurant, hotel, and activity recommendations. Looking forward to doing a trip to Oaxaca post-jab, Bourdain style.

World Travel by Anthony Bourdain and Laurie Woolever is available wherever books are sold. Highly encourage support your fave indie bookstore :)

FOODIE FRIEND OF THE WEEK: Andrew Garsetti of Uncle Andy's Wine Closet

Have you ever been to a wine tasting and stared at the bottom of the glass pretending to find the notes of cinnamon, clove, red pepper, and tamarind in a bottle of rosé? Same here. If libations are your jam, there's nothing more dope than opening a great bottle of wine to start off a dinner or mark the end of the work day.

Our foodie friend this week knows a thing or two about grapes. San-Fransisco based Andrew Garsetti is a wine enthusiast who loves food as much as we do. With his day job working in wine PR, Andy has cultivated a vast amount of knowledge that he is willing to share with the class. He recently launched Uncle Andy's Wine Closet, a boutique spot for sustainable, exciting, and of course affordable wines. Each month, four different two-packs will be available for a one-time shipment or a monthly subscription at a discount.

Fun fact: Andrew and Kenny used to work together as baristas at ye olde Tufts coffee shop. Go Jumbos!

We're also excited to announce that Andrew will be a contributor to Le Digestif. Every month, he will be offering us wine recommendations based on the vibes or prompts that you share with us. Send us a scenario where you need a bottle to ledigestif@foodsupply.xyz and we will do our best to meet your request.

You know the drill, shoot Andrew a follow on Instagram and snag a couple of bottles from his wine closet if you're a California resident (21 and up that is)

Thanks for reading along! If you have any food recs that would spark joy or tickle our fancy, send them over to digestif@foodsupply.xyz! We always respond. If you wanna spread the good word, share below!