Le Digestif #9: May 21st, 2021

Snacking in H-Mart, Spicy Sprouts, and Foodie Fashion Fits

When we’re not working, Kenny and I are constantly talking about food: from what we’re hoping to make, to what food books to buy, and everything in between. As we build out product and platform (ahem, more on that here), we are also excited to share content related to all things food.

Every week, we will be presenting interviews, listicles, and curated pieces from members of our growing community and things in the food world that excite us.

Welcome to edition #9 of Le Digestif, the blog for Food Supply!

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TO DINE: Spicy Brussel Sprouts

There's no doubt that team Food Supply loves vegetables. I mean, we call most of our homies in honour fronds. Inspired by this Yewande Komolafe sheet pan dinner, I decided to make spicy sweet sprouts with my personal twist (maple syrup, eh?). Whipped up a recipe that will definitely have a heavy rotation for dinners. If this spicy situation is your vibe and you make them, tag us @foodsupplyxyz.

SPARKED A LOT OF JOY: Eat the Internet Dinner Hotline

This past Wednesday, we opened up our hearts and our hotline to help you make the most of your dinner by offering a recipe or a place to dine. We loved every single request and getting to chat with people across the country in a fun way. Here were some fave requests and how we responded.

Special thanks to Becca Jacobs (@ostreetkitchen) and Jessica Romanowski (@raremelons) for helping us out. Be sure to give both of them a follow! Have Dinner Hotline fomo? No problemo, we will be back next month with our hotline! But in the meantime, add more things to our Eat the Internet website.

LOCALS ONLY: Manhattan, New York City

A city so nice they named it twice. New Yawk, New Yawk. As former & future residents of the Big Apple, we deeply appreciate all the grub that the city has to offer. The diversity, the range, and yes we even miss eating al fresco as cars honk their horns and passerbys blast their mixtape.

We haven't spent a lot of time in the 212 during the pan dulce so this week, our pal Brooke LeBlanc is offering some Manhattan recs to make the most of this May weather when its too hot to cook in your apartment. Take it away Brooke!

Gem - LES - New concept / Experiential - Recently reopened, celebrity chef restaurant in a well curated space. The homemade feeling of a daily printed menu and makeshift decor makes this the top spot to visit. If you haven't heard of Flynn McGarry yet, you will soon. (Editor’s note: Flynn is the executive chef former teen chef wunderkind who started cooking from The French Laundry at the ripe age of 12.)

A post shared by @gem.nyc

King - West Village - American - Classic dishes reinvented. Trendy crowd at the corner of Soho and West Village. They sell branded cashmere blankets. I'd recommend coming to King during the weekend and grabbing a slice of cake from the Takeout window on your way to Washington Square Park. (Editor's note: I had my graduation dinner here and can confirm that eating with those blankets is a game-changer)

Toyko Record Bar - Greenwich - Japanese fusion - Considered japanese fusion, because they serve pizza for dessert. This restaurant is a dining experience that involves the entire room as each guest gets to choose a song from the Jukebox. For a great night out, go here for dinner before Comedy Cellar.

Frevo - Greenwich - French - To enter the restaurant, you walk into an art gallery and move a painting to reveal a secret doorway. Perfect date night spot with Prix Fixe menu.

Thanks for these amazing recs and if you want the POV of a fab 20-something in NYC, give Brooke a follow on Instagram.

To Read/To Snack: Snacking in H-Mart

Food memoirs are my favourite genre because it is beautiful reading about how people connect with food at different life events. I just wrapped up Crying in H-Mart, the incredible memoir by Michelle Zauner. In her debut novel stemmed from this New Yorker piece, Zauner (aka Japanese Breakfast) brings the reader on a journey on losing her mother to terminal illness, coming to terms with her Korean identity, and of course crying in H-Mart as she learns to cook the dishes that remind her of home. I couldn't get through a chapter without bursting into tears so get some Kleenex nearby.

Inspired by the book and Michelle's descriptive language of the meals and snacks she savoured, I decided to take a trip to my local H-Mart. While I couldn't muster the energy to cry, I definitely was feeling things in the snack aisle. Here is a curation of the snacks that I enjoyed and will be keeping in permanent rotation. If there are other Korean snacks or foods we should try, please let us know!

Onion-flavoured rings. I didn't expect for the nostalgia to hit at the H-Mart but I actually used to get these as a special snack in my lunchbox (thanks Momma Anim). These rings are the best afternoon pick-me up. They're slightly puffed and have this delicious onion flavour without the allium breath- truly the best of both worlds.

Caramel corn peanuts. These were a delightful surprise. Puffed corn coated in caramel are coupled with roasted peanuts for a real party in your mouth. Also here to confess that I ate the whole bag in one sitting and if that isn't enough to warrant you buying them, I don't know what is.

Jeju tangerine juice. I know I have waxed poetic about the goodness of Pocari Sweat on here but wow this was an incredibly refreshing drink. It had the perfect ratio of zest and tang plus it wasn't too sweet so I didn't have the classic guilt that comes with consuming juice. I also love the Stonehenge mascot and I need to go down an internet rabbit hole to find out the connection.

Oreo-flavoured Pepero. In the book, Michelle talks about how she savours Pepero on summer childhood trips to Seoul. My H-Mart only had this flavour left and boy these were scrumptious. Compared to Oreo-flavoured Pocky, these have more coating and more crunch from the white chocolate rolled in cookie crumbs. Bonus points if you put these in the freezer before consumption.

Crying in H-Mart is available wherever books are sold. For a list of H-Marts near you, look here!

Fashion Fresco with Clayton Chambers of Sprezza

We've spent the last year in sweats and old high school tees but with the world opening up, our closets are ready to come back into the commission. We’re feeling incredibly generous this week so we have a bonus contribution with Fashion Fresco. Consider that it is also hot vaxxed summer, our fashion needs to match our new confidence. This week, our in-house fashion consultant Clayton Chambers is offering style tips based on food-related scenarios that our readers are anticipating! And yes subscribe to Sprezza, his amazing newsletter on the musings and analysis of all things fashion!

Ari from San Francisco, CA: you’re going out with friends and then going to their house after. you want to look cute at dinner but then you’re jealous because your friends changed into sweats as soon as they got home and you’re in sad hard pants for the rest of the night and bloated when you get home.

This is not the time for stiff, vintage Levi’s, especially where bloating is involved. Instead, go for a softer, pre-washed fit so you feel relaxed. On top, bring out a ribbed tank that shows you’re ready for summer, and make sure you keep a fleece or sweatshirt handy in your car so you can throw it on after!
TANK // SSENSE - $68
FLEECE // ALO - $125

Paige from San Diego, CA: Heading to the county fair and I'm trying to enjoy all the rollercoasters, eat all the greasy food, and perhaps go to dinner after!

My mind immediately went to Rodeo vibes, which… isn’t a bad thing. The point is, you can make it work, and when you remove the western cowboy belt, you actually look kinda chic. Here’s what I mean:

JEANS // LEVI’S - $70
BOOTS // VINCE - $277

FOODIE FRIEND OF THE WEEK: Erin Clarkson of Cloudy Kitchen

When we first met Erin, we immediately decided that we needed to be best friends with her. New Zealand born and Brooklyn based, Erin is whipping some pretty sweet bakes from her homely (or should we say cloudy) Williamsburg kitchen. Everything that she makes is magic. From her Anzac biscuits to her donut tutorials, her recipes are easy to read and can make you feel like a pro.

Erin is also an incredibly meticulous tester and documents her recipe making process on her stories. If anyone is testing garlic knots more than 5 times, you know she is bound to not miss. Another thing that I appreciate about Erin is how outspoken she is. She consistently uses her platform to call out the unfairness that plagues the culinary industry. Plus she only bakes in the Metric system which is the CORRECT way to measure!

You know the drill show Erin some love and give her a follow on Instagram. If you want more of her work, check out her website!

Thanks for reading along! If you have any food recs that would spark joy or tickle our fancy, send them over to ledigestif@foodsupply.xyz. We always respond. If you wanna spread the good word, share below!


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